Market Lane Development

This Grade ll* listed building which is affectionately known as the “Monkey Bar” by our local regulars will see a challenging but exciting refurbishment to the existing bar, maintaining its traditional character.

As you will see by the plan below, the new Market Lane development when taken forward will offer an external court yard to the back elevation. The first floor will offer an external terrace with an al fresco dining area. The proposed deli bar at the front elevation will offer hot drinks and pastries for the early commuters on route to work.


  • Has been subject to a redesign to incorporate the upper levels with the support of Historic England and local conservation bodies.
  • Pre-planning application has been submitted and received a positive outcome.
  • Licensing and pavement seating consent has been granted.
  •  As the building is steeped in history the Project Team will work closely with the planning & conservation team to ensure the fabric of the existing building is maintained and enhanced to its former state.
  • Asbestos  has been removed from the rear of the building.
  • The clearance works of the workshop and back elements of the building have been completed.
  • Banqueting Hall part demolition works have been carried out to remove scaffolding, roofing, high level walls and debris removal.
  • The building will be inspected by the structural engineer and archaeologist to investigate any remaining historical features.
  • Design works continue.